Cuyama Valley Community Association

The CVCA is a grassroots project of the CVFRC that fosters dialogue among diverse stakeholders of the Cuyama Valley, and has become a consistent leader in important issues facing the Valley, including groundwater sustainability, water access, Highway 166 safety, activities for children and youth, all of which affect the quality of life for children and families in the region.

The CVCA now has 100 members, and is led by an elected board that represents a cross-section of the community. Through active involvement on issues, CVCA members are playing key roles on other boards including the Cuyama Valley Groundwater Sustainability Agency’s Standing Advisory Committee. This committee is playing a key role in representing the community in the development of the long-range Groundwater Sustainability Plan that will govern groundwater use in the Cuyama Valley through 2040 and beyond.


Why join the CVCA?

Big issues are facing the Valley. Water, education, economic development, environmental issues and more. Through the CVCA, you can make your voice heard and be part of a positive future for the Cuyama Valley.

Who can be part of the CVCA?

You. Your neighbors and friends. Anyone who is 18 or older who lives or works in the Cuyama Valley or who owns property or a business in the Cuyama Valley can be a member of the CVCA.